Monday, November 23, 2015

Cleaning Out Closets

I've seen the tip on Pinterest about turning the hangers around in your closet and donating the clothes on the hangers that are still turned the "wrong" way. So I've done that... sort of. Before I just ignore them and end up donating or selling them, I've decided to challenge myself to at least wear them a couple of different ways. This way, I know that I've at least tried before selling my clothes and feeling like I wasted my money. If the clothes don't find the right way, or if they don't look good on, then I try to sell them or donate them. I've gotten rid of a few clothes this way, but I still have more to do!

That being said, I'm still not sure about this first top. I'm not sure if the length is weird on me, or what, but I'm still iffy about it. 

top// daytrip via goodwill
tank//old navy
jean jacket// old navy via goodwill
pants// maurices via goodwill
shoes// toms
jewelry// premier jewelry

shirt// maurices (gifted)
sweater// maurices (gifted)
jean vest// old navy via goodwill
leggins// apt 9 via kohls
boots// baretraps?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Maroon and Gray(?)

Okay... I can't tell if this sweater is more gray or more brown.... I'm going with gray for today though! I really liked pairing it with my maroon pants, it seems like my maroon pants are becoming such a staple in my closet these days!

I am gearing up for Thanksgiving! This year, I am hosting Thanksgiving so I'm in super cleaning mode! Maybe between all of my cleaning and cooking I'll find an outfit that I can wear! :) 

sweater// daytrip via a friend
tank//old navy
jean jacket// old navy via goodwill
pants// elle via goodwill
shoes// sperry's via marshall's
jewelry// premier jewelry

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mustard and Olive

I've been subbing in the classroom quite a bit this semester, and I recently subbed for 4 days for the same teacher at the middle school. One of my former co-workers son is in middle school, and he said that I was a really great sub and that I did a really good job of explaining things to the class. Sometimes it's nice to hear an unexpected compliment, especially one like this. It means so much to hear that at least someone is understanding what I'm teaching them! It also reaffirmed that even though I've been on this path for awhile, it is indeed the one that I need to be on. There are moments of doubt in anything, but God will make sure that you hear what you need to hear, and for me, it was that someone thinks I'm doing a good job. 

sweater// american eagle via goodwill
tank// maurices 
vest// old navy via goodwill
pants// the limited via goodwill
shoes// target
jewelry// premier designs

Monday, November 16, 2015

Minsgame Week 2 Recap

Even though I started late in the Minsgame challenge, that didn't stop be from joining in on the fun! While I've been working through the house decluttering things, I've also been finding different homes for things within the house. We have bookshelves with cabinet doors on the bottom, and when we bought them a few years ago, my original vision for them was to store DVDs in the bottom part with the doors to "hide" them. However, kids somehow end up taking over everything, and that was where their games were stored. After convincing them to get rid of a few games and DVDs, I was able to find a new home for the games, and finally get back to my original vision! 

It feels good to be clearing things out, and earning a few dollars on a few things during the process! So far I have two bags of games and puzzles that I'm giving my mom so she can take them work, a trashbag that I am continuing to fill up for goodwill, and a bucket of items that I have listed on my local facebook garage sale page. 

Day 8: Cards, packing list
Day 9: Toys, never used cookie cutters
Day 10: DVDs
Day 11: toys, cups, random household items, old shoes
Day 12; Old bathroom items
Day 13: Koozies
Day 14: Coffee mugs, baskets, jackets, old kitchen items

Are you guys playing the Minsgame? I'd love to read about your minimalist journey! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What I Wore: Vintage Market Days

This past Saturday I went to a Vintage Market Days with a good friend. It was huge! We walked around and got some ideas of things to make. I wasn't sure if it was going to be outside or inside, so I wanted to be sure that I was dressed somewhat warmly. Last week I popped into Kohl's and Ross because I had some birthday money that was kind of burning a hole in my pocket... even though I know I should have saved it. At Ross I picked up a cute pair of pointed toe flats and this vest I wore this past Saturday.

tank// maurices
shirt// old nay via goodwill
vest// nok nok via ross
jeans// amethyst via goodwill
boots// natural sole by naturalizer via dsw?
boot cuffs// ?
necklace// virtual garage sale

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Minsgame: A Minimalist Challenge

When I was reading through the blogs I follow yesterday, I came across Andi's post about a Minsgame Challenge. I was curious, so I read through her post and then read a few posts of the original bloggers who started the challenge. I realize I'm late to the game, but that doesn't mean I can't join in, right? My husband and I are always trying to declutter the house, but sometimes life gets busy and things pile up until it starts looking like an episode of Hoarders in our house!

I have been challenging myself to wear things from my closet, and if I don't like the way they fit or how I felt when I wore it, then I get rid of it, whether I try to sell it or if it needs to be donated. I will continue to do this, but I will expand to other areas of the house!

This challenge also came at the right time for my children. I have been asking them for months to get rid of toys and this challenge might be the way to get that done! As I typed this last night, they were going through their DVDs and they actually got rid of more than I anticipated! Let's just hope this continues into their room! ;)

Read the posts from the original bloggers:
One girl, Two CitiesSocial SaraBreak the Twitch, and Simply Save

I went through the house and quickly found things that I could get rid of. It's crazy how quickly you accumulate... junk. Or at least that's what it is for me. I haven't really gotten to anything sentimental yet, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

Here's what I got rid of:
1- Jewelry Box
2- Two's Company Serving Pieces
3- Rubber scrapers
4- Whisks and cheese spreader
5- Shoes
6- Various cups
7- Various kitchen items
Some of these items have served their purpose and it's time for me to get rid of them, some have simply taken up physical space since I've gotten them. Two pairs of shoes, for example, I've been holding on to for quite some time.. the Dr. Martens remind me of life when my parents got divorced, and the Birkenstocks remind me of high school. I remember wanting both pairs of shoes for some time before I finally got them, so I guess part of me has just held on to them to remind me of those times. They've made it through the last few rounds of de-cluttering, but it was time for them to go. In fact, I even threw away the Birkenstocks, but I am trying to sell the Dr. Martens since they're in pretty decent condition. So far, I'm selling all but two of the item's I've gotten rid of, I threw away the Birkenstocks and a pair of boots that had a hole in them... again, why was I keeping those?

Do you guys try to stay on top of the clutter and junk, or do you live a minimalist life-style?

I'd love for you guys to play along! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Several Ways to Wear it: Maroon Skinnys

At the beginning of October I challenged myself to wear a few different things that had been sitting in my closet for awhile. One of those items were my maroon skinny pants. I love them! They have quickly become one of my favorite items to style, and I've determined that my maroon skinnys can be such a neutral clothing item. I knew right away that I wanted to wear these pants with my new lace booties because of this pin.

top// old navy
tank// maurices via goowill
jean jacket// old navy via goodwill
pants// elle via goodwill
shoes// target
jewelry// premier jewelry

top// goodwill
vest// old navy via goodwill
pants// elle via goodwill
boots// platos closet
jewelry// premier jewelry

top// ann taylor loft
vest// old navy via goodwill
pants// elle via goodwill
boots// natural sole by naturalizer via dsw?
jewelry// premier jewelry

chambray// maurice's via goodwill
pants// elle via goodwill
boots// not rated via dsw
necklace// premier jewelry
bracelets// virtual garage sale?
This outfit is the one I had planned with the pin from above... but the day I wanted to wear this outfit it wasn't very fall like... :( 

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